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RA (and JRF) positions in an SERB project Research Associate

We are looking for highly qualified and motivated researchers to work on an SERB-funded research project titled "Motion of anisotropic particles in viscoelastic shearing flows: Microstructure, rheology and shear-induced migration". The candidate must have had training in the field of microhydrodynamics, with a strong emphasis on theoretical and computational techniques. The candidate should preferrably have published papers in this field.

               The project involves analyzing theoretically the motion of spheroidal particles in ambient linear and nonlinear shearing flows, with an emphasis on both fundamental understanding, and an eye towards microfluidic shape-sorting applications. The problem involves first calculating the fluid motion induced by a spheroid particle, as a function of its aspect ratio, in an ambient linear shearing flow of a viscoelastic fluid using a spheroidal harmonics formalism. The solution of this problem will used to determine the rheology of a viscoelastic suspension, and will serve as  stepping stone towards analyzing the motion of such particles in a bounded nonlinear flow, with the intent of predicting the direction of shear-induced migration.

                Interested candidates can send an email to with a detailed CV highlighting their suitability for the advertised position.