AMRL Conference Hall



Speaker: Dr. S Ganga Prasath

Affiliation: Post Doctoral Fellow, Harvard University, USA 


 Title:  Developing adaptable systems using patterns


Date and Time: 01 March 2023 (Wednesday) at 03:15 pm  (Tea/Coffee: 03:00 pm) 

Venue: AMRL Conference Hall, JNCASR [Hybrid Mode]     


In this talk we will discuss two instances of systems that adapt to local changes in their environment thus providing it with particular function. In the first part we briefly describe how elastic materials deform under external or internal body forces and result in instabilities that dramatically modify their morphology. We will then see the mechanism behind a new class of geometric materials that bypasses these instabilities and the role of softness in determining their properties for shape morphing applications. In the second part we will discuss ways by which patterns in natural systems can inspire robotic systems for a particular function and examine a particular instance of collective task execution in ants. We will then look at a possible generalized approach to design robotic systems with robustness that leverages the pattern formation paradigm.


Host: Prof. Subir Das & Prof. Santosh Ansumali

Prof. Subir Das & Prof. Santosh Ansumali