Technical Research Centre

Technical Research Centre (TRC) at JNCASR was established in 2016 with support from the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. It has been envisaged as a multifaceted platform with a mission to provide support to scientists and researchers of JNCASR to achieve translation of research into products and processes for greater economic and societal benefits by

  • supporting application-oriented projects to build upon background IP developed at JNCASR, and also to create new IP;
  • bolstering JNCASR-industry partnerships to escalate commercialization of IP developed by JNCASR via out-licensing of IP/know-how, industry-sponsored R&D projects, industrial consulting, and collaborative R&D projects;
  • creating conducive ecosystem to spin-off technologies/intellectual properties developed by JNCASR; and   
  • developing R&D infrastructure required to perform translational R&D

TRC continues to support scientific community and business fraternity in translating scientific discoveries and technological inventions into products and services of societal and industrial relevance. Accordingly, TRC at JNCASR has been instrumental in building R&D translation ecosystem by supporting advancements in technology readiness levels of background R&D capabilities and intellectual properties, streamlining multi-stakeholder involvement (including industry-academia partnerships), technology out-licensing, setting-up platforms for start-ups, and strengthening state-of-the-art R&D infrastructure.

TRC is structured to promote translational research, and is expected to contribute towards strengthening country’s excellence in science by striking right balance between fundamental research, directed development, and deployment. Under TRC, necessary infrastructure and administrative structure for implementing this initiative has been setup by JNCASR. With a mandate to support technologies with high growth potential, TRC funded projects aim to overcome challenges in health, energy, transport, solar, supply of raw materials, resource efficiency and climate action, secured societies etc. In a nut shell, TRC aims to strengthen JNCASR’s capacity to generate new knowledge that will feed back into the economy and society.

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