Prof. G U Kulkarni Chairperson
Prof. Subir K Das Member
Prof. T.N.C Vidya Member
Ms. Hemalatha Mahishi Member
Sub-Inspector, Amruthahalli Police Station Member
Ms. Anita Gemmy Francies Member
Mr. Suhas K T Member
Dr. Princy J Pereira Member-Secretary

Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Prof. Ranjani Viswanatha Chairperson
Mrs. Hemalatha Mahishi Member
Prof. Shobhana Narasimhan Member
Prof. Kavita Jain Member
Prof. Premkumar Senguttuvan Member
Mr. Srinivas S Member
Dr. Princy J Pereira Member-Secretary
Committee and Guidelines

Internal Grievance Committee

Prof. Umesh V Waghmare Chairperson
Prof. K. R. Sreenivas Member
Mr. Sampad Patra Member
Mr. K. Bhaskara Rao Member
Mrs. Chitra C. S Member-Secretary

Students Grievance Redressal Committee

Chair, MBGU Chairperson
Associate Director, ICMS Member
Wardens Member
Chairperson, EMU Member
Consulting Medical Officer Member
Student Representative (Male) Member
Student Representative (Female) Member
Administrative Officer Member
Academic Coordinator Member-Secretary

The Committee will look into complaints lodged by a student and judge its merit and is empowered to look into matters of harassment faced on campus.

Procedure for lodging complaint
Any student with a genuine grievance may approach the Coordinator, (Academic)in person. In case the person is unwilling to appear in person, grievances may be dropped in writing at the letterbox/ suggestion box placed at the Academic Office, Kanada building. Grievances may also be sent by e-mail to the Coordinator, (Academic) at

•    To provide a forum for redressal of certain grievances related to student amenities of students enrolled in JNCASR, as well as those seeking admission to JNCASR.

•    To lodge complaints related to the admission process, non-transparent or any unfair evaluation practices, alleged discrimination of students, etc.

On receipt of an offline/online complaint, the Student Grievance Redressal Committee shall fix a date for the hearing of the complaint which shall be communicated to the concerned against whom the complaint has been lodged and the aggrieved student requesting for their presence in the hearing.

The aggrieved student may appear either in person or authorize a representative to present the case with any supporting evidence available. Administration shall extend co-operation to the Student Grievance Redressal Committee for early redressal of grievances.

Committee shall submit a report of its findings to the President Authorities of the Centre.

The Committee may recommend appropriate action against the complainant when a complaint is found to be outright false or frivolous.

The Committee will deal with Grievances received in writing/online from the students about any of the following matters:-
•    Academic Matters (courses) Laboratory matter (research)
•    Financial Matters
•    Hostel Matters
•    Other Matters (not involving sexual harassment)
•     The cases will be attended promptly within 15 days on receipt of written grievances from the student. The Committee formally will review each case and will act accordingly.
•    The Committee will give a report to the authority about the case attended to and the number of pending cases, if any, which require direction and guidance from the higher authorities.
•    The Committee will act upon those cases which have been forwarded along with the necessary documents.
•    The Grievance Committee will ensure that the grievance has been properly resolved in a stipulated time limit (one month).

NOTE: Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Any violation of ragging and disciplinary rules shall be urgently brought to the notice of the Dean (Academic).

Prevention of Caste Based Discrimination

Prof. Umesh V Waghmare Chairperson
Prof. M Eswaramoorthy Member
Prof. Jayanta Haldar Member
Dr. Princy J Pereira Member
Mrs. Chitra C S Member-Secretary

In terms of UGC letter dated 14.09.2020 read with letter dated 09.09.2021 (UGC letter) English version | Hindi Version

Liaison Officers:

Dr. R G Prakash, Liaison Officer (OBC), Email, Ph: 22082782/81

Mr. B Venkatesulu, Liaison Officer (SC/ST), Email, Ph: 22082762


Discrimination on the basis of caste is prohibited at this institution. The University Grants Commission (UGC ) has directed the Universities/Institutions to develop a  page on website for lodging complaints of caste discrimination by SC/ST students and to constitute a Committee to look into the discriminating complaints received from the SC/ST/OBC students, teaching and non-teaching staff.  

In terms of the UGC letter, a Committee has been constituted to address issues relating to caste discriminating complaints within the Centre and to submit a report with suggestions. The Committee proactively works towards caste based discrimination policies, sensitization programmes, procedure for lodging complaints, and grievance redressal. 


  1. To ensure that no official or faculty member indulge in any kind of discrimination against any community or category of students, faculty or staff members.
  2. To sensitize officials/ faculty members of the Centre while dealing with incidents of caste discrimination.   
  3.  To ensure that the officials/faculty members should desist from any act of discrimination of SC/ST students, on grounds of their social origin.

Procedure for lodging complaint - Complaint Form

  • A complaint about caste discrimination may be made in writing by the student/ faculty members or staff to the PCD Committee.
  • The written complaint should be submitted to either the Chairperson or the Secretary of the Committee.
  • The complaint shall include sufficient details of the alleged act of discrimination  
  • On receipt of a written complaint, the Committee shall initiate the follow-up action, including preliminary fact-finding enquiry.


  • The Committee will hear and address complaints regarding caste-based discrimination received at the Centre, in writing.
  • The pursuit of the Committee is a time-bound activity and requires actions that would need to be initiated whenever necessary.  
  • The Committee will make recommendations to the President/Authorities of the Centre, based on observations and examination of complaints.
  • Based on the Committee’s recommendation, the President shall give the final decision or may further institute an Enquiry Committee, if required and deemed fit, for further examination of such complaints.
  • The Committee shall follow relevant Acts and Rules of Government of India and Court Orders etc. as applicable from time to time during redressal.
  • The President may invite additional members if required, and shall remove such persons from the Committee, if the complaint is received against those existing members.


Standing Research and Publications Ethics Committee

Dean, Faculty Affairs Chairperson
Dean, Academic Affairs Member
Dean, Research and Development Member
Dean, Fellowship and Extension Member
Dr. Geetha G. Nair, Scientist-F,CeNS External Member
*Two Senior Professors Member
Administrative Officer Member-Secretary

*Further, the Chairperson is privileged to invite two senior professors from within the Centre, on need basis.

Scope of the Committee:

  1. To frame guidelines for faculty members and students on Research and Publications Ethics.
  2. To look into the complaints related to research activities/publications, as and when received from the faculty members or students, and to come out with suitable recommendations.

Note: In case of conflict of interest, the President may nominate an alternate member(S)/Chairperson.