International Students

Announcement For Admissions Of International Students To A Full-Time Ph.D Programme

JNCASR offers a highly-competitive Full-Time International Programmes, exclusively in research which leads to a Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree.

Basic eligibility:

  • To apply for admission through this mechanism, you must be a foreign national not holding an Overseas Citizenship of India.

  • Indian citizens i.e. those holding an Indian passport (whether residing in India or abroad) need to apply through the regular admission process (

  • Similarly, persons of Indian origin holding non-Indian passports can apply for admission through the regular process of admission for Indian citizens even if they hold an Overseas Citizenship of India as per section 7B(1) of the Indian Citizenship Act, 1955. In addition, they need to satisfy all the eligibility criteria for admission prescribed for Indian citizens.

  • The citizens from Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Nepal and Singapore are strongly encouraged to take the GATE International examination/GRE, which is held at centers in these countries. If you are in India for your current education or employment, GATE examination can be taken in any of the centers in India.

Background for eligibility for admissions:

  • For admission to a Ph.D. programme one must have completed or be in the final year of their Bachelor’s degree (duration of at least 04 years) in Engineering / Technology Or one must have completed or is in the final year of their Post Graduate (Master’s) degree (duration of at least 02 years) in any relevant science/engineering subject.

  • Departments/Units offering a Ph.D. programme and their respective eligibility criteria are listed under Units in

  • It is strongly recommended that the prospective candidate visit and go through the areas of research in each Department/Research Unit.

Application Procedure and Required supporting documents:

To apply for admissions sessions starting from August 2023/January 2024, please visit

  • Email to the detailed CV along with the scanned copies of the transcripts, degree certificates, score card (GATE/GRE), passport, certificates or documents of achievements/honors etc.

  • Three recommendation letters (on their professional letter heads or from their official Institutional email ID.) from persons familiar with the academic credentials of the candidate.

Additional Information:

  • Each applicant can select up to 3 Departments/Units at JNCASR for admission.

  • There is no application fee.

  • For any questions, contact us at

Application Processing:

  • The CV with enclosed documents will be forwarded to the appropriate Departments/Units. If there are no supporting documents, the request will not be processed.

  • If a Department/Unit screening committee shortlists you, a Departmental/Unit Committee will interview you using Skype/media or in person.

  • If you are currently in India you are to appear in person for the interview.

  • If you are selected for admission to programme at the JNCASR, Academic Office will mail admission offer letter.

  • Selected candidates will be required to join the Centre by August / January after completing all the necessary formalities.

Financial Support and General Information:

  • If you are selected, you will be offered hostel accommodation and a fellowship by JNCASR. The fellowship amount will be equal to that offered to Indian Ph.D students. This fellowship is generally usually adequate to pay tuition fees, lodging and boarding fees, and living expenses. Ph.D student rules shall apply.

  • All rules for foreign nationals as issued by MEA/MHA, Govt. of India from time to time shall apply.