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Education Technology Unit was established in 1996. The main focus of the unit is to develop learning and teaching materials for use by teachers and students with the objective of improving science education in schools/colleges. The multimedia group, ETU develops and produces multimedia CD-ROM packages in various science subjects.

The end-users of these multimedia packages were identified as students in high schools and colleges.

ETU has developed and produced both CD-ROM's and books in English and other vernacular Indian languages for various departments/institutions.

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The Multimedia CD-ROM titles on various subjects in science are available in English, Hindi and Kannada.

ETU has developed school and college-level chemistry and physics experiments kits.

ETU is involved in science popularization programs with a view to motivate teachers and students in science education.

ETU conducts these programs in association with different institutions across the country.


Prof. Sheeba Vasu Chair, ETU
Mrs. Indumati Rao Honorary Co-ordinator, ETU, Multimedia Group
Mr. Vinayak Pattar Assistant Co-ordinator
Mr. Sanjay S.R.Rao Honorary Assistant, ETU, Multimedia Group
Prof. T. Govindaraju Former Chair
Prof. V. Krishnan Former Chair

Outreach Activities



ETU has organised various science popularization programs both for school students and teachers and also workshops for teachers. The most popular programs that ETU has been successfully conducting for many years now are :

All these programs are conducted at different places in the country. The unit has the distinction of Prof. C. N. R. Rao offering lectures at these programs. These programs are aimed at young students in different cities to promote and instill curiosity in science subjects. These programs have a large turnout of students and teachers as they have proved to be very popular both amongst teachers and students. ETU in association with different institutions across the country, has been conducting these programs where a large number of schools are encouraged to participate by sending students (of high school) along with their teachers.

Special programs designed to the needs of the students from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs), Parikrma, School Chandan (Laxmeshwar), and ‘Chetana’- an orientation program for the State SSLC toppers (girls) in collaboration with GOVT. of Karnataka are organized and conducted at the Hall of Science.

Year-wise activities: Student/Teacher programs/Workshops

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  • The unit will continue to work in developing CD-ROMs focusing on learning aspects.
    These multimedia packages will essentially be for high school children and also for the common man initiated in science to give him/her a global view of the progress of science in service to society.
  • The unit is engaged in bringing out the Hindi version of all the four parts of 'learning Science' series as both CD-ROMs and books.
  • One of the topics on which ETU has started work is Nanoscience & technology for school children. This will cover various components like technology, health and other aspects of Nanomaterials.
  •  ETU will be taking up the translation, development and production of the book `Understanding Chemistry' in Hindi and Kannada.
  • The unit will be organizing a large number of science popularization programs for the school children and teachers with the main focus being at the rural level


  • Computer facilities for creating graphics/images, movies (animation files), voice recording to a suitable format, conversion and compression of movie files for incorporation into the multimedia package are available.
  • All the development work from writing the script, incorporating graphics and movie files & sound elements into a multimedia format are done in-house.
  • All the facilities for DTP work are available to produce print-ready copies for books, brochures & other promotional materials and are done in-house.
  • Houses a chemistry laboratory that allows carrying out experiments using low–cost college chemistry kit
  • SOP-POCE the Chemistry laboratory is well equipped for 24-25 students to conduct general chemistry experiments in a single session.
  • Viewing Room: The viewing room is used for viewing multimedia presentations/CD-ROM titles developed and produced by ETU, video lectures of Professor CNR Rao and other public lectures.
  • Professor CNR Rao Archives: The Honoris Causa Doctorate degrees awarded to Professor CNR Rao, the Medals/ Awards and other honours bestowed on Professor C.N.R. Rao from various National / International Universities are displayed in the Archives.
  • The Chemistry of Materials Exposition has a display of Panels, Books and Models of simple molecules/complex structures.
  • The Madan Mohan Malaviya Amphitheatre is located in the Hall of Science building.

Learning Material



Development, Formatting, Production of print-ready copies at ETU Education Technology Unit has developed and produced print-ready copies at ETU.

Books produced in English and Kannada are: Understanding Chemistry by Prof. C.N.R. Rao
Learning Science- Part 1 to 4 by Indumati Rao & C.N. R. Rao
Vignyana Kaliyona - Samputa 1 to Samputa 4 by Indumati Rao and C.N.R. Rao


To Participate in the forthcoming programs, contact

The Program Coordinator,
C.N.R. Rao Hall of Science & ETU,
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research,
Jakkur P.O., Bangalore – 560 064.
Ph: 080 22082904/2772
Mobile: 9900777951
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