Academic Council (AC)

The functions of the AC include planning, execution and coordination of research and academic activities of the Centre. It regulates the courses of study, procedures for admission of students, examination, etc. It meets at least twice a year. The Committee makes its recommendations on all academic matters to the Council of Management.

Prof. G.U. Kulkarni President, JNCASR Chairperson (Ex-officio)
Prof. Umesh V Waghmare Dean, Faculty Affairs, JNCASR Member (Ex-officio)
Prof. Sreenivas K. R. Dean, Research & Development, JNCASR Member (Ex-officio)
Prof. Eswaramoorthy M Dean, Academic Affairs, JNCASR Member (Ex-officio)
Prof. Vidhyadhiraja N.S. Dean, Fellowships & Extension Programmes, JNCASR Member (Ex-officio)
Prof. Ranjan Datta Coordinator, Int. Ph.D.-Materials Science Program  Member (Ex-officio)
Prof. Sheeba Vasu Coordinator, Int. Ph.D.-Biology Program, JNCASR Member (Ex-officio)
Prof. T. Govindaraju Chair-ETU, JNCASR Member (Ex-officio)
Prof. Shobhana Narasimhan Faculty In-charge: Placement, Alumni & International Relations; Alumni, (JNCASR) Member (Ex-officio)
Prof. Sebastian C Peter Coordinator, Int. Ph.D.-Chemical Sciences Member (Ex-officio)
Prof. Jayanta Haldar Coordinator-M.Sc., Chemistry Member (Ex-officio)
Prof. N. Ravishankar Professor, MRC, IISc Member
Prof. Ashok K Ganguli

Institute Chair Professor and Dy. Director (Strategy & Planning),

IIT, New Delhi

Prof. Anand K Bachhawat Professor, IISER, Mohali Member
Prof. Vijay Chandru Distinguished Technologist, IIACD, Bengaluru Member 
Prof. P. Seshu Director, IIT, Dharwad Member
Prof. Leena Chandran-Wadia

Professor & Head, VEC, TDU Vocational Education Programmes

Mr. Joydeep Deb Administrative Officer, JNCASR Member Secretary (Ex-officio)
Dr. Princy Jaison Pereira Academic Coordinator Controller of Examination (Ex-officio)