visitor information

Visitors to JNCASR may fall in one of the following categories:

1. Guests

2. Visiting Researchers/Students within the country on Collaborative work & under JNCASR  Programmes

3. Visiting Researchers/Students from abroad on collaborative work

4. School/College Students for Lectures/Workshops & Exhibitions and on study of Architecture

5. Parents of Students/staff

6. Vendors/Contractors and Company representatives

7. Any other visitors

All the visitors shall follow the prescribed security and general guidelines and abide by the campus rules and regulations. The JNCASR has Guest Rooms viz., Jawahar Visitor's House (JVH) and JNC Guest Rooms located in the Indian Institute of Science campus, which are under the control of the Administrative Officer. The Guest House in Jakkur dedicated for the stay of parents/guests of the students is under the control of the Wardens. The Director/In-Charge of ICMS is authorised to approve accommodation for stay in the I-House. All bookings are done following norms.

The Guests will visit the Centre on invitation and  information regarding their visit will be made available in the Security. The Officers in Administration/concerned faculty will be responsible for entry permit, necessary formalities and follow up on their visit in the Campus. The Administrative Officer will issue approvals for their stay in the campus or in concerned Guest Houses.

All visiting researchers/students within the country on collaborative work & under JNCASR programmes should enter with their ID cards and will carry a copy of the letter from JNCASR. The Concerned Officer/faculty will facilitate the entry and will be responsible for the visitors under this category. In respect of the accommodation, concerned Officer/Faculty will approach Associate Director, ICMS/ Administrative Officer.

Visiting researchers/students from abroad on collaborative work will also be on specific invitation and are allowed in the campus on production of the invitation, ID Cards passport and other related documents. These visitors must follow all statutory guidelines of the Central/local Governments. They must also get necessary security clearances of the local Government. The Concerned Officer/faculty will facilitate the entry and will be responsible for the visitors under this category. These visitors must abide by the conditions of visa and other related norms as promulgated by Ministry of Human Resource (MHA). Approval of Administrative Officer is necessary for their stay in the Guest Houses/Hostels of the Centre.

School/College Students visiting the Centre for Lectures/Workshops & Exhibitions and on study of Architecture will be permitted for specific hours of the day through a specific permission from Fellowship & Extension Section (F&E). They must ensure that all instructions given from concerned sections are scrupulously followed and no disturbance is caused to the academic atmosphere in the Campus. They will not be entitled for any general facilities of the campus unless indicated in their permission. In case if they have to stay in the campus, they must get approval from Competent Authorities.

The parents of students and staff, will visit the Centre based on prior approvals from the Wardens for specific days only. They are required to contain  themselves in the residential area of the campus only. Concerned student/staff will be responsible for their behaviour and activities. In respect of facilities also, only limited access is made available to them.

In  respect to Vendors/Contractors and Company representatives concerned Officers/Faculty members/Offices will inform the Security in advance and such information will be treated as permission, based on which, necessary passes will be issued by the security office for specific time. The visitor under this category will have permission to visit the concerned offices only and after the visit the signature of the person visited must be obtained on the passes and they have to be returned to the Security.

All other visitors will visit the Centre only on approval from the Administrative Officer with necessary time and other information.