Bhoogola Parichaya


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The interactive multimedia package "Bhoogola Parichaya" is authored by Mrs. Indumati Rao.

The ideas, text, visuals, animations and suggested activities have been developed specifically to introduce the fascinating world of Geography.
Geography is an interdisciplinary subject and that many of the concepts in Geography have a scientific basis is not explored by teachers and students.
This software is developed and produced to bring out these aspects of Geography.
The software has text as well as the voiceover is in Kannada.
The voice over is done by Mrs. Indumati Rao.
The software has three main topics. They are:
1. Surya - Namma Vishishta Nakshatra (The Sun - Our special star)
2. Ruthugalu, Vayuguna mathu havamana (Seasons, climate and weather)
3. Shilegalu, Khanijagalu mathu mannu ( Rocks, Minerals and soil)

Each of the above main modules has many sub-topics. The topics covered in this software are all studied in high school. The software can be used both as supplementary material as well as resource material by teachers and students.