Campus Information

JNCASR Main Campus@Jakkur

Since its initial footprint in Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru in the year 1989, the Centre got its campus at Jakkur, Bengaluru which was gifted by the Government of Karnataka  The Jakkur campus was inaugurated by Shri. K.R. Narayanan, then Vice President of India on March 04, 1995. The main campus was initially built on 15.55 acre plot, which now spread across 27.35 acres. The campus initially started with laboratories for Surface Science, Solid State Chemistry, and instruments like Transmission Electron Microscope, Scanning Tunneling Microscope, an X-ray diffractometer and Mini Super Computer laboratory on its inauguration. It now houses almost complete infrastructure of the Centre including the research units, in addition to separate buildings for administration, academic, outreach, dining hall, health centre, daycare etc. Residences for students and staff members are also part of this campus, including limited spaces for parking. This campus offers a peaceful environment for researchers to devote their time to experimental/theoretical work in a serene atmosphere.



Sahyadri Campus@Jakkur

Walking along the canal and crossing the double road of Jakkur one reaches the 1.2 acres Sahyadri Campus which houses apartments for post-doctoral researchers, and visiting students’ hostel, etc.


Chamundi Campus@Chokkanahalli

JNCASR also has a 10 acres campus located at Chokkanahalli, Bengaluru (around 5kms from present campus), called the Chamundi campus. It is the academic campus of the Centre.


Arkavati Campus@Shivanpura

Arkavati Campus located at Shivanpura, Bengaluru is a one-acre site adjacent to the Centre for Nano and Soft Matter (CeNS) campus. An Innovation Centre is coming up on this campus.