DAE- Raja Ramanna Lecture in Physics


Foundation Lectures

Prize Lectures


Derivation of Band-Edges in Semiconductors and their Importance towards Optoelectronic Devices

Prof. Amlan J. Pal

Director of the UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Indore JC Bose National Fellow at the School of Physical Sciences, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata

Sensor Scaling for Intelligent and Smart Nanoelectronics

Prof. Navkanta Bhat 

Dean, Division of Interdisciplinary Sciences Professor, Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Quantum Technology: Directions and Prospects Prof. Apoorva D. Patel    Centre for High Energy Physics IISc, Bengaluru Blast in the one-dimensional cold gas: From Newton to Euler and Navier-Stokes-Fourier

Prof. Abhishek Dhar International Centre for Theoretical Sciences Hessaraghatta, Bengaluru

Room Temperature Superconductors: Ephemeral, Elusive to stable Ones

Prof G. Baskaran,

Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Geometrically frustrated magnetism:Observation of intrinsic spinglass anomalies in metallic kagone lattices, R3Ru4 AI12

Prof E V Sampathkumaran

Dept of Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Sciences, TIFR, Mumbai

Hybrid Perovskites: The exciting new family of multifaceted materials

Prof Satishchanra B Ogale,


BoseFermi Duality in 3 dimensions Prof Shirz Minwalla, TIFR, Mumbai 17/09/2018

Light: A powerful tool to study liquid crystal

Dr S Krishna Prasad

Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences (CeNS)


Structures and states with atomic membranes

Prof Arindam Ghosh

Dept. of Physics, IISc,



Down-to-Earth String Theory

Prof. Rajesh Gopakumar

Director, ICTS(TIFR), Mumbai

Spin-Spin Correlations at Different Length Scales in Crystalline Systems

Dr S M Yusuf

Head-Magnetism Section & Scientific Officer, Solid State Physics Division, BARC, Trombay, Mumbai


Symmetries and The Birth of the Universe

Prof. Sandip Trivedi

Director, TIFR, Mumbai

Materials Modeling from First-principles Electronic Structure Calculations

Prof.Tanusri Saha Dasgupta

Dept. of Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Sciences, SNB NCBS, Kolkata


Beyond the Standard Model through the Higgs portal

Prof. Rohini Godbole

Centre for High Energy Physics, IISc, Bangalore  

Quantum Gravity: A View from General Relativity

Prof. Madhavan  Varadarajan

Raman Research Institute



Extreme Light, Hot Electrons and Laser Fusion

Prof.G. Ravindra Kumar

TIFR, Mumbai

Orbital ordering in transition metal oxides – a route to high polarization multiferroics

Prof. Priya Mahadevan

S N Bose National Centre for  Basic Sciences, Kolkata


Novel Electronic Phenomena at Oxide Interfaces

Prof. R.C. Budhani


National Physical Laboratory

New Delhi

Tweaking the magnetic domains and domain-walls in nanostructures: A prospective magnetic memory  concept

Dr. P.S. Anil Kumar

Department of Physics

Indian Institute of Science


Solving Quantum Field Theory using Black Holes in one higher dimension

Prof. Spenta R Wadia

TIFR, Mumbai





Condensed Matter Physics with Cold Atoms: From Bose Condensation to Synthetic Non-Abelian Gauge Fields

Prof. Vijay B Shenoy

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Strongly Correlated

Superconductivity in Rh17S15

Prof. S. Ramakrishnan

TIFR, Mumbai


The Flavours of Synchrony in the Natural World

Prof. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy

JNU, New Delhi



Science and Technology of Sodium Cooled  Fast Reactors and Associated  Fuel Cycles


Dr. Baldev Raj


 IGCAR, Kalpakkam



Atomically Controlled Surfaces, Interfaces  and Nanostructures



Prof. Bhupendra Nath Dev,

Dept. of Materials Science,

IACS, Kolkata




Low-dimensional physics using  nanomaterials


Prof. Milan K Sanyal

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics




Morphotropic Phase Transitions in Ferroic and  Multiferroic Oxide Perovskites


Prof. Dhananjai Pandey

School of Materials Science and Technology, Institute of Technology                               BHU, Varanasi




The inconstant sun



Prof. S.M. Chitre

University of Mumbai



The mathematical modelling of cardiac arrhythmias



Prof. Rahul Pandit

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore




Noise as a probe of the condensed matter: adding new dimensions


Prof. A.K.  Raychaudhuri

S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata


Bugs, molecular motors, Brownian inchworms and copper rods



Prof. Sriram Ramaswamy

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore




Dynamics of surfactant solutions: Super diffusion and rheochaos


Prof. A.K. Sood

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Liquid crystals made of banana shaped molecules



Prof. N.V. Madhusudana

Raman Research Institute, Bangalore




C axis normal state transport in Cuprates


Prof. S.K. Joshi

National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi



Phases and fluctuations in nonequilibrium systems



Prof. Mustansir Barma

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai




Frontiers in nuclear fission, superheavy nuclei and nuclear energy


Prof. S.S. Kapoor

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai


Quantum computing by nuclear magnetic resonance


Prof. Anil Kumar

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore





Quantum zeno effect: C-axis transport in high-tc layered materials

Prof. N. Kumar

Director, RRI, Bangalore


Coherence versus decoherence

Prof. S. Dattagupta

Director, S.N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata




Why are the colossal magneto resistance manganites so strange? 


Prof. T.V. Ramakrishnan

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Micro and the macro cosmos


Prof. Bikash Sinha

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata




The May 1998 Pokhran tests—Scientific aspects


Dr. R.  Chidambaram

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai


Dynamical cluster approximation for strongly correlated systems



Prof. H.R. Krishnamurthy

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore




Physics, the universe and consciousness


Prof. B.V.  Sreekantan

National Institute of Advanced  Studies



Universal concepts in the theory of glassy systems



Prof. Chandan Dasgupta

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore