Regardless of where you live, you can still connect to and involve with JNCASR in many ways. As an alumnus of JNCASR, you can.

  •     Reunite with your old group,
  •     Find a JNC alumni community in your area,
  •     Engage with current students through networking and mentorship opportunities,
  •     Stay informed of all the research developments at JNCASR,
  •     And much more!

The PAIRs Office helps alumni connect with the Centre and with fellow graduates through various online interactions.

Alumni of the Centre include recipients of all degrees/diplomas granted by the Centre.  

PAIRs office offers administrative help to facilitate the international collaborations of JNCASR with abroad universities/institution.

PAIRs shall connect final year degree students to industry, commercial, publishers or non-academic body for new job opportunities.