Visiting Fellowships

The visiting fellowships awarded during 2019-2020, maybe availed until July 2021, in consultation with the host faculty member of JNCASR.

Visiting Fellowships

List of awardees under the Visiting Fellowship Programme 2019-20


To foster collaborations with the Centre’s faculty and to provide research opportunities, the Centre offers Visiting Fellowships to faculty working in State or Central Universities and R&D laboratories in India. Visiting fellows are associated with faculty of JNCASR, and the research work is carried out at JNCASR.

Visiting Fellowships

Research Areas:

Life Sciences (including molecular and developmental biology, chronobiology, genetics, ecology, behavior, neurobiology); Materials Sciences (including nanoscience);Chemical Sciences (including chemical biology, interfaces of chemical science with materials, solid-state chemistry, theoretical/computational chemistry, inorganic, physical and organic chemistry);Physical Sciences (including experimental and theoretical condensed-matter and materials physics, statistical physics, organic electronics and experimental nanobiotechnology);Engineering Sciences (including fluid dynamics, nonlinear dynamics, and thermal and chemical engineering); and Atmospheric Sciences.


The fellowship is tenable for a minimum uninterrupted period of sixty days and maximum of 3 months and valid for one year from the date of the offer letter. The timing of the visit may be decided according to mutual convenience. The fellowship carries an honorarium of Rs 50,000 per month.


Faculty or engineers with a Ph.D., who have permanent positions in State or Central Universities or R&D laboratories are invited to apply. Individuals who have applied for or utilized this Visiting Fellowship Programme earlier, need not apply.

Application procedure:

Application form may be downloaded from Completed application must include a certificate from the Head of the candidate’s parent institute permitting continuous leave for the duration of the fellowship. The completed application and supporting documents should be sent as a single PDF file by email to and in hard copy by post to The Academic Coordinator, JNCASR, Jakkur, Bangalore -560 064.Email subject line and envelope containing hard copy should be clearly marked ‘Application for Visiting Fellowship Programme 2019-2020’. Incomplete applications will be rejected and no further correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

Last date for receipt of completed application form: 16 August 2019.

The awardees will be notified in October 2019

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