Theoretical Sciences Unit's online Seminar


Speaker: Dr. Manoj Kumar Affiliation: Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany. Date and Time: 30th March 2022 (Wednesday)  
Time:  11:00 AM Venue: Online meeting
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Title : Critical aspects of the three-dimensional random-field systems

Abstract: In this talk, I will present the critical behavior of the three-dimensional random-field Ising model (RFIM) and

random-field Potts model (RFPM) via determining the ground states at temperature T = 0. While the ground-state

problem for the RFIM can be solved exactly, the RFPM problem for more than two states is known to be NP-hard.

Hence an efficient exact algorithm is extremely unlikely to exist. Using a computationally efficient graph-cut method,

we solve the ground state problem for RFPM approximately in polynomial time. A comprehensive study is carried

out to predict the critical behavior for the case of 3-state RFPM with the help of approximate ground-state calculations.

In particular, we explored the quantities like magnetization, Binder-cumulant, specific-heat, and susceptibility, and

extrapolated them to their quasi-exact solutions. These solutions are used to (precisely) locate the critical point and to

calculate (accurately) the critical exponents by performing the finite-size scaling analysis.