Malleswararao Tangi , PhD
Thesis :

Kinetically controlled growth of InN thin films by MBE and their structural, optical and electronic properties

year: September 2014
Arpan De , PhD
Thesis :

Epitaxial growth of InN and InxGa1-xN nanostructured films on structurally modified substrates using MBE 

year: May 2017
Sanjay Kumar Nayak , PhD
Thesis :

Experimental and first-principles theoretical investigations of the growth and properties of pristine and Magnesium doped GaN nanostructures   

year: March 2018
Varun Thakur , PhD
Thesis :

Morphological evolution and properties of epitaxial GaN nanowall network grown on c-sapphire 

year: June 2016
Satish Shetty , PhD
Thesis :

Effect of surface nitridation on the growth of GaN films on c-sapphire, Si (111) and Si (100) surfaces

year: June 2014
Jithesh Kuyyalil , PhD
Thesis :

Study of the role of superstructural phases and interfacial properties on the growth of InN films 

year: February 2012
Badri Vishal , PhD
Thesis :

Thin film growth of 2D materials and microscopic investigation of thermoelectric and Heusler compound

year: Aug 2014-July 2020
Devendra Singh Negi , PhD
Thesis :

Nanoscale magnetic information by HR-EELS and Role of native defects on the origin of ferromagnetism in CoO and Co/Mn doped ZnO

year: Aug 2011-Jan 2017
Manoj Kesaria , PhD
Thesis :

Study of MBE growth and characterization of Gallium Nitride films and nanostructures 


Full-time academic staff (Lecturer/Assistant Professor)at the School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University, U.K.

year: April 2012
Mahan Raj Banerjee , PhD
Thesis :

The flow topology around anisotropic particles in planar shearing flows and Discretization of stochastic partial differential equations

year: 2021