Conference Announcement: ACM-2023

8th Meeting of the Asian Forum of Chromosome and Chromatin Biology

Research on Chromosome-Chromatin biology has gained tremendous impetus in recent years. The discovery of different chromatin-modifying enzymes, remodeling, machineries and high-resolution nucleosome structures have enabled the unraveling of mechanisms underlying epigenetic phenomena in disease and development. In India, several researchers are now working in these frontier areas of research.

For more than a decade, this forum has been instrumental in developing excellent collaborative research activities across the continents. Following on from the success of the past seven meetings, we are organizing the meeting this year emphasizing on the following research areas:

  • Epigenetic basis of modulation of transcription and chromatin organization,
  • The implication of chromatin biology in differentiation and disease.

Both national and international scientists working actively in these research areas will be participating in the meeting which would definitely create a better scientific environment for chromosome-chromatin research in this part of the globe.

Short talks and Poster sessions are available for younger participants. Students and Postdocs are encouraged to apply with abstracts. The Conference is limited to ~60 attendees, and registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Meeting Flyer