Bio Imaging Facility

Bio Imaging facility at MBGU consists of sophisticated Microscopes ranging from Widefield, Confocal, Multiphoton to Atomic Force Microscopes with Image Analysis softwares. As a centrally funded resource, the core facility’s aim is to offer affordable and efficient access to sophisticated instrumentation for users of various disciplines like Biology, Chemistry, Clinical and Industrial background.

Bio Imaging facility at MBGU is equipped with:

  • AXIO SCAN. Z1 (Slide scanner, Carl Zeiss)
  • Confocal Microscopes:

         a. LSM 880 AIRY SCAN (Carl Zeiss)

         b. LSM 880 LIVE CELL IMAGING SYSTEM (Carl Zeiss)

         c. LSM 510 META NLO (Carl Zeiss)

  • Multiphoton Microscope ( FV MPE RS, Olympus)
  • High Content Imaging System (Confocal Quantitative Image Cytometer, YOKOGAWA CQ1)
  • Atomic Force Microscope: AFM di-Multimode V, Model no: J-256, Veeco. (Bruker)
  • AFM integrated with Fluorescence Microscope (Bio Scope): Bioscope SZ Nanoscope IIIa controller (Veeco Instruments, Santa Barbara, CA) has the contact mode.
  • Workstation for Image Analysis: There are six image analysis workstations allowing the users to analyze the images acquired with above microscopes. Image analysis Softwares available include Zen Black, Zen Blue, LSM Image Examiner, cellSens, CellPath finder, Imaris 9.3, Image J, Fiji.
  • Online slots can be booked by JNC users using the following link: (
  • For further information and slot bookings, please contact:
    Ms. Suma, Bio imaging facility in-charge.
    Phone: 080-22082866


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