Animal Facility

The JNCASR animal facility is located in a secluded corner of the campus, away from noise and pollution, providing an excellent environment for animal care. The facility is equipped for small animal experimentation with quarantine, breeding and experimental rooms for rodents and rabbits. Animal experimentation is under the control of the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee of JNCASR and animal use is regulated as per the guidelines of Government of India (CCSEA).

The JNCASR Animal facility provides investigators with the infrastructure for breeding mice and for experimentation on   mice and rabbits. The Animal facility is equipped with modern equipments like Individually Ventilated caging (IVC) systems, Animal changing station, Hematology analayser, Biosafety cabinets etc.. The procurement of animals from other sources is strictly controlled by animal facility management and users are required to adhere to the guidelines. Requests for animals must be made in the specified format well in advance.

Investigators must obtain approval of the IAEC before initiating experiments. Please fill the necessary forms for approval and record keeping before initiating experiments.

The facility is registered with the CCSEA (Reg.No. 201/GO/ReBi/S/2000/CCSEA) Valid till 2028.

Animals Available

Species Strain
Mice BALB/C, C57BL6/J, CD1,several transgenic lines and knockout mice.
Rats Wistar Albino rats
Rabbits New Zealalnd White Rabbit

JNCASR  -  Institutional Animal Ethics Committee

Sl.No Name  
01 Prof. Anuranjan Anand  Chairperson
02. Dr. Pinaki Prasad Sengupta Main CCSEA nominee (Nominated by CCSEA, GOI)
03. Dr. Samarendra Narayanan Link Nominee (Nominated by CCSEA, GOI)
03. Dr. Shanmugasundaram Ramakrishnan Scientist from Outside (Nominated by CCSEA, GOI)
04. Dr. Atul Kumar Pandey Socially aware member (Nominated by CCSEA, GOI)
05. Prof. T. Govindaraju Member
06. Dr. Kushagra Bansal Member
07. Dr. Achira Roy Member
08. Dr. R.G.Prakash  Veterinarian and Member Secretary


Forms download :

  1. Form B (Project proposal submission)
  2. Form C (Reciept of Animals)
  3. Form D  (Animal usage report)
  4. Animal Request / Order form 
  5. CPCSEA Guidleines (Govt. of India)
  6. Website of CPCSEA


Animal Facility Management:

Prof. Anuranjan Anand        (Convener, Animal Facility)

Dr. R. G. Prakash                (Veterinarian, Animal Facility)


Contact us:

Dr. R.G. Prakash -

Ph: +91 80 22082782 / 81