JNCASR Auditorium built to cater the needs of Conferences/Seminars/Technical discussions as well as to host cultural events of Scientific, Educational  institutions. The  Auditorium is equipped with state of the art Audio Visual Systems and Acoustics.

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Standard Facilities:        

Seating Capacity         450

LED Screen (16ftx 9ft)
(Resolutuion: 1920x1152 60HZ)

Hand Held     4nos.
Collar(Laple)         2nos.
Goose     2nos.
Dynamic   6nos.
Condenser 3nos.
Air Conditioning  
Dias Chairs     10nos.

Dias Table(48”x20”x24”)

Lectren 1nos.
Green Rooms     2nos.
Greenroom Chairs per room 2nos.
Standard Dias lights - Spot, LED, Par, etc  


LED Screen and Audio system : UPS
Stage Lights: Raw Power
(DG can be  provided at additional cost)
Air Conditioning: Raw Power





Front View                                                                            Front Lobby & Registration Desk

 Front View    Front Lobby & Registration Desk

                                                   Main Hall

Main Hall

Main Hall












                                                                      Dias Layout


JNCASR Auditorium


                                                     LED WALL and its Dimension


LED WALL and its Dimensions