AMRL/Conference Hall

In order to cater to the requirement of medium size conferences/workshop and meetings, the Centre established a well-equipped Conference Hall in the AMRL area of the campus in the year 2000, with a seating capacity of 180. The building was inaugurated by Shri. S.M. Krishna, the then Chief Minister of Karnataka, in the presence of Prof. C N R Rao President of the Centre. This Hall has the legacy of President of India, luminary Scientists, Administrators, Historians, politicians addressing the JNCASR community.

The layout of the seating is unique facilitating every participant to interact easily. The  projection system, sound, light and the air conditioners inside the hall are well optimized. A hi-speed internet connectivity will help the users for all digital operations as also through the recently installed webex based live streaming facility, the talks can be reached up to about 1000 participants. The Lounge and a Dining Hall in the vicinity of the Conference Hall has enabled serving refreshments/lunch and dinner for the participants.

The Conference Hall can be booked for conferences/workshops/meetings by the Community Members ONLINE.