Day Care Centre

An independent day care facility for the children of our staff members started operating from June 2010 with a spacious play area in the Campus. The facility is open to the age group of children between 1-10years.

The JNCASR daycare runs on par with the other daycare facilities existing in other institutes. The DCF will organize regular meetings with parents to facilitate smooth operation and adherence to quality standards.

The interior of this building has beautiful wall stickers, toys, bookshelves, children Lockers etc. In front of the building is a tiny playground with swing and slide, keeping the children in high spirits. A CCTV camera helps staff to keep an eye on children at all times.

DCF not only ensure that children have a safe place where they get to play and learn, but also provide free space and lush greenery for the children to move around and learn through stimulated activities under supervision of an experienced staff.

The staff currently consists of 4 members 1 In-charge and 3 caregivers to look after the needs of approximately 13 children.

The DCF at JNCASR tries to take into account individual personalities and needs of each child. At the same time, there is also an effort to allow them to grow and explore new possibilities through various combined activities such as dance, art & extracurricular activities and celebrations of festivals, fancy dress, and colors day celebration.

Contact Details:- 080-22082952