The Health Centre at the Centre also called Dhanvantri provides primary Health Care to the Members comprising of Staff & their family members, Students and retired members. The Health Centre is located near the residential area of the Centre. Health Centre has 3 Experienced Doctors and 4 nurses. Health Centre provides outpatient care as well as provides limited in-patient treatment and can undertake a number of clinical investigations. All minor ailments are treated at Health Centre as outpatient. Patients can also be referred to the outside specialists doctor to one of the recognized/panel hospital as and when necessary. Centre also has a Physiotherapy Unit manned by a qualified Physiotherapist. The Physiotherapy unit has imported Ultrasound and Laser facility, shoulder wheel and hydro therapy, treatment for Lumber & cervical fracture and stimulated wax therapy.

Every employee and their dependent gets Health Record Book after receiving the family declaration form from Administration Section. Students also get Health Record Card against their name.

Contact Number :080- 2208 2658

Hospital Facility 

Sl. No.






Isolation Ward


08 Beds

Ground Floor



Day Care Room with  emergency


02 Beds

Ground Floor


Minor OT Room


01 Bed

Ground Floor


Patient Cabin


02 Beds

Consultation Room


General Ward


2 Beds/Ward


Clinical Laboratory


First Floor

 Mon to Fri – 7:30 AM to

 5:30 PM

 Sat – 7:30 AM to

 11:30 AM

 Sundays & Holidays –  

 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Physiotherapy Unit


02 Beds + 01 Traction Bed

 Mon to Fri – 10:00 AM to

 1:00 PM


Counselling Room


Second Floor





Yoga Therapy Room





Name Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Mrs. Umarani Kumar

10.30 AM TO 5.30 PM 10.30 AM TO 5.30 PM  10.30 AM TO 5.30 PM 10.30 AM TO 5.30 PM 10.30 AM TO 5.30 PM 9.00 AM TO 1.00 PM OFF
Nursing Assistant            
Ms. Thara G D 8.00 AM TO 3.00 PM 8.00 AM TO 3.00 PM  8.00 AM TO 3.00 PM 8.00 AM TO 3.00 PM 8.00 AM TO 3.00 PM      OFF 9.00 AM TO 1.00 PM
Nursing Assistant              
Mr. Godson Anburaj 10.00PM TO 5.00 AM 10.00PM TO 5.00 AM 10.00 PM TO 5.00 AM 10.00PM TO 5.00 AM 10.00PM TO 5.00 AM      OFF  10.00 PM TO 5.00 AM
Nursing Assistant              
Mr. Madhusudhan P 9.00 AM TO 4.00 PM 9.00 AM TO 4.00 PM 9.00 AM TO 4.00 PM 9.00 AM TO 4.00 PM 9.00 AM TO 4.00 PM 7.30 AM TO 11.30 PM   OFF
Lab Technician              
Ms. Krishnaveni N 7.30 AM TO 2.30 PM 7.30 AM TO 2.30 PM 7.30 AM TO 2.30 PM 7.30 AM TO 2.30 PM 7.30 AM TO 2.30 PM        OFF 7.30 AM TO 11.30 PM
Lab Technician              
Mr. Anandu AR 3.00 PM TO 10.00 PM 3.00 PM TO 10.00 PM 3.00 PM TO 10.00 PM 3.00 PM TO 10.00 PM 3.00 PM TO 10.00 PM 3.00 PM TO 10.00 PM   OFF
Nursing Assistant              

SOP for Consulting Campus Doctor

Guidelines for Online Booking of Doctor’s Appointment at Dhanvantri (non-emergency visits).

     Following procedures may be followed while booking an appointment 'ONLINE':

  1. The portal offers appointment up to 7 day in advance
  2. The latest booking is allowed 30 minutes prior to the time of appointment being requested.
  3. An email confirmation will be sent to the email ID entered during the booking of appointment.
  4. For cancellation/rescheduling of booked appointment, click the link given in the conformation email. You will receive another mail for the cancellation/rescheduled appointment
  5. It is advisable to have a copy of the appointment either in the mobile/hardcopy during their visit to Dhanvantri.
  6. Please cancel the appointment / Intimate Dhanvantri, if you are not able to come for consultation with the doctor.


In case of Emergency after the teleconsultation with Doctor(s) (as the pandemic situation created due to COVID-19 still persist), based on the severity of the ailment and as advised by the concerned doctor, an appointment will be scheduled for physical examination. Such examinations will be taking place in a designated place, ‘Medical screening booth’, being set up near but isolated from Dhanvantri. If advised by the doctor, the individual may have to be under quarantine at home/institute identified quarantine facility for the recommended period.   A member developing the above symptoms while at residence (hostel), should self-isolate and not come to work. If the symptoms were to appear suddenly while being at the workplace in the campus, the member is advised to self-isolate, inform colleagues/administration and return to the place of stay, immediately. For hostelites, arrangements will be made for the delivery of medicines and recommended food at the doorsteps.  It may be noted that there are no restrictions on undergoing routine checkups at Dhanvantri as well as for consulting doctors in respect of other ailments, including any type of medical emergency. Keeping in view of the limited space inside of clinic, an outdoor waiting area has been created maintaining physical distancing. A staff will be ushering individuals into consulting rooms. Accompanying persons may avoid entering the premises, to avoid crowding. Members with symptoms related to COVID-19, visit to Dhanvantri (health Centre) physically should be strictly avoided.