Flow Cytometry


The Flow facility at MBGU-CIF contains two high-end Flow cytometers that could be used for analysis and cell sorting.

The services of the Flow Facility are available for a reasonable charge to the scientific community in side JNCASR and outside. Dr. Narendra Nala (Ph. 080-2208 2598) who manages the Flow facility can help the research community with planning the experiment to running the samples to analyzing the data. The FACS facility is currently being used for multiple research applications including immunophenotyping, cell cycle analysis, apoptosis assays, cell proliferation assays, and sorting of bacterial, yeast, and different mammalian cells.

  • BD FACSAria III, ahigh-speed, fixed-alignment benchtop cell sorter. The machine equipped with5 different lasers (405, 445, 488, 561, and 633 nm) is capable of multicolor analyses of up to 12 fluorescent, and 2 scatter options at a time..
  • BD FACS Melody, a simplified cell sorter with high sensitivity and resolution, it is configured with two lasers enabling six color, and two scatter options.