JVH (IISC Campus)

The Centre is in the firm belief that continuous dialogue between interested researchers is one way to keep the vibrant scientific atmosphere. In this endeavor, various workshops/conferences/meetings and outreach programmes have been organised. In order to cater to the needs of the participants, visitors, students, research personnel and other guests, the Centre has built a well designed Guest House named Jawahar Visitor’s House (JVH), in the Indian Institute of Science Campus.

This unique building with large corridors and free movement of air and light, using locally available natural materials was designed by eminent Architects M/s. Chandavarkar & Thacker and inaugurated in the year 1992. The building houses 42 double occupancy rooms. Sprawling greenery, a huge lawns, large corridors, lounge and a couple of open to the sky places adds to the beauty of the JVH, which all the visitors appreciate. Common Wi Fi and other communication facilities are provided to the occupants. The room tariff is kept at reasonably affordable rates.

Sl. No.


Centre Guest





Per person per day )


Rs. 1000.00 +

Applicable GST


JNCASR STUDENTS/ R&D per person per day



Utilization of JVH Lawns per day

Rs. 5000.00 +

Applicable GST


Utilization of Dining Hall per day

Rs. 2000.00 +

Applicable GST


In order to utilize the capacity, academic visitors to nearby Institutes are also provided accommodation. As on today, no dining facility is available in this place.

The rooms can be booked by sending an email to jvh@jncasr.ac.in. The room seekers will be informed about the receipt of the request and tariff and after the approval of the Competent Authority, a confirmation will be sent through email. The users have the facility of payment using digital means.

Contact Details: - 080-22932499