Scanning Electron Microscope/Transmission Electron Microscope



The FEI Quanta 3D FEG is a dual beam (FEG e-beam and Ga ion beam) system equipped with multiple analytical and manipulative tools so that different techniques and methods can be applied within the same chamber. Imaging can be done at high vacuum and low vacuum atmosphere. The ion column has the ability to focus highly energetic ions (typically 30 kV Gallium ions) to extremely small spot sizes, which in combination with a rastered movement of the ion beam allows for the controlled removal of material via ion sputtering interaction. The ion and electron beam can be used in combination with a gas injection system. In order to protect an exploration site, thin layers of Pt can be deposited with either of the two beams.

Instrument data:
Operational vacuum modes: HV and LV
Spatial Resolution (e-beam):~ 1.5 nm at 30 kV
Spatial Resolution (ion-beam): ~ 10 nm at 30 kV
Operating voltage: 2-30 kV
Secondary Electron imaging detector
Ametek ELEMENT EDX detector (30 mm2)
Gatan MonoCL4 Cathodoluminescence system
Omniprobe Autoprobe 200 system for Focused Ion beam application

FEI Tecnai T20

This is a high resolution 200 kV TEM/STEM with a LaB6 filament. The microscope may also be used at lower accelerating voltages, down to 80 kV. It is equipped with a BF/dark-field STEM detector, an EDS system.

Instrument data:
Operating voltage: 80, 200 kV
Gun: LaB6
Resolution (TEM mode) ~ 0.2 nm
Resolution (STEM mode) ~approx30 nm
Gatancryo holder(± 20° x-axis tilt and in-plane tilt)
FEI double tilt holder(± 20°)
BF/DF STEM detector
Gatan MS794 CCD camera
Ametek EDAX EDS detector (30 mm2 with 120 eV energy resolution)