Drug Delivery

Drug Delivery

Drug Delivery across Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)

BBB is a highly selective semi-permeable blockade which separates the circulating blood from the brain. So, delivery of drugs in the brain is the major hurdle in the treatment of brain related diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc. Design of drug delivery materials which can cross BBB is more generic and viable solution compared to drug modification. In our lab, glucose derived carbon spheres were shown to cross BBB and also deliver TTK21 drug molecules (HAT activator) in the brain for the first time. Shape-directed In Vivo compartmentalized delivery of carbon coated iron oxide nanoparticles were also explored.


Piyush Chaturbedy, Manoj Kumar, K. Salikolimi, Sadhan Das, H. S. Sarmistha , S. Chatterjee, B. S. Suma, Tapas K Kundu and M. Eswaramoorthy,  Shape-Directed Compartmentalized Delivery of a Nanoparticle-Conjugated Small-Molecule Activator of an Epigenetic Enzyme in the Brain , Journal of Controlled Release, 2015217, 151 - 159.

Confocal image of mice brain cell treated with carbon spheres (yellow).