Research Associates

Dr. Harish N Mirajkar

I try to understand the onset of radiation fog using lab experiments, field, and computations. In the lab experiments, my main focus is on the quantification of the fog particle size and distribution using the optical-based measurement technique which would be helpful in parameterizing the visibility. I also using the COMSOL Multiphysics software to model the radiation fog.

My primary interest is in the area of turbulent flows, heat transfer, convection, stratified flows, particle-laden, and other subareas. I am also interested in research topics such as fluid flow instabilities, rotating flows, and biological fluid flows.

During my graduate studies at IIT Bombay, I study the single and multi-phase buoyant jet in a stratified ambient using standard experimental techniques like PIV and PLIF. I have explored a vertical buoyant jet's turbulence property in the presence of linear density stratified ambient and compared it with a uniform ambient.