TPS – 1000RT microscope (LABEN instruments)

TPS – 1000RT microscope (LABEN instruments)

Optical microscope creates a magnified image of an object specimen with an objective lens and magnifies the image further more with an eyepiece to allow the user to observe it by the naked eye. With a magnification of 1000X, it can magnify an object 1000 times greater than its actual size. Imaging can be done in both reflected and transmitted illumination.
Reflected illumination shines light downward and onto the specimen, enabling you to observe the reflection. This illumination type works best for opaque specimens.

Transmitted illumination shines light upward and through the specimen. This illumination type works best with specimens that are translucent.

  • Microscope name - TPS – 1000RT,
  • Company name - LABEN Instruments (Customized microscope),
  • Maximum magnification - 1000X,
  • Resolution < 1 µm,
  • Light source - Halogen light source,
  • Mode of imaging - 1. reflected (reflected light – 12 V/50 W)

                               2. transmitted (transmitted light – 6 V/15 W)  

  • Software and Manual controlled.