Research Associates

Dr. Supriya Ghoshal


  • B. Sc in Physics from Asutosh College, University of Calcutta.
  • M. Sc in Physics from University of Calcutta.
  • PhD Thesis title:"First Principles Study of Electronic, Optical and Transport Properties of 2D Tetragonal Systems" from University of Calcutta.


Research Interest:

  • Emerging next-generation 2D materials for optoelectronic and thermoelectric applications.
  • Transport properties by solving semi-classical Boltzmann transport equation in both electron and phonon aspects.
  • Machine learning algorithms for prediction of material properties.
  • Morphology dependent Quantum dots for tunable optoelectronic responses.
Dr. Vipin Raj K

Research Interest:

DFT studies on the effect of defects in Ziegler-Natta catalysis.