Research Associates

Dr. Abhiroop Lahiri

Education :

  • B. Sc in Physics from Presidency College (2010-2013) 

  • M. S in Materials Science from CPMU, JNCASR (2013-2016

  • PhD Thesis Title : "Computational Study of Magnetic, Magnetoelectric and Electronic Properties of Some Quantum Many Body Systems."

Research Interests :


Linear as well as non-linear properties in quantum many body systems using Exact Diagonalization, Density Matrix Renormalization Group and Variational Monte Carlo techniques. 

Dr. Shazia Janwari

Education :

  • B.Sc in Biological Sciences from Kashmir University

  • M.Sc in Environmental Sciences from Pune University

  • PhD in Earth Sciences from IISC, Bangalore

 Research Interests :

      Restricted Boltzmann Machine to solve the quantum many-body problem 
      Crystal Graph Convolutional Neural Networks to predict material properties for the thermoelectric material
      Artificial neural networks and machine learning algorithms for prediction of material properties