B. Loukya , PhD
Thesis :

Electron Magnetic Chiral Dichroism of Epitaxial Magnetic Thin Films at Nanoscale

Year: 2010-2015
Dileep Krishnan , Integrated PhD
Thesis :

Nanoscale Optical Absorption Spectroscopy by HREELS & Valence Band Engineering as a Possible Route to Solve p-doping Problem in ZnO

Year: 2011 (2008)-Jan, 2016
Devendra Singh Negi , PhD
Thesis :

Nanoscale magnetic information by HR-EELS and Role of native defects on the origin of ferromagnetism in CoO and Co/Mn doped ZnO

Year: 2011 (Aug)- 2017 (Jan)
Rajib sahu , Integrated PhD
Thesis :

p-doping and valence band engineering of ZnO and epitaxial thin film growth, optical propoerties and alloys of TMDs

Year: 2013 (2011)-2018
Badri Vishal , PhD
Thesis :

Thin film growth of 2D materials and microscopic investigation of thermoelectric and Heusler compound

Year: 2014 (Aug) - 2020 (July)
Usha Bhat , PhD
Thesis :

Quantitative imaging and alternative proposals on image simulation and reconstruction in atomic resolution transmission electron microscopy

Year: 2015 (Aug)-2021
Rajendra Singh , MS (Integrated PhD)
Thesis :

Heterostructures of 2D TMDs and BN

Year: 2015-Apr 2018
Sharona T Horta , PhD
Thesis :

Investigation of Nanoscale Crystallographic Phases and Electronic Properties of NiCo2O4 and 2D RexMo1-xSAlloy

Year: 2016 (Jan)-2021
Ankit Sharma , PGDMS (ICMS)
Thesis :

Coupled Quantum well van der Walls heterostructure

Year: 2016-July, 2017