Priya Jaitly pursuing Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)

I am interested in identifying the novel regulators and their mechanisms of maintaining genome integrity in Candida albicans. My work also includes understanding the transcriptional silencing at the C. albicans centromeres and pericentromeres.

Polisetty V S Satya Dev pursuing Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)

I work on kinetochore and genome dynamics during mitosis in model pathogenic yeast Cryptococcus neoformans.

Kuladeep Das pursuing Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)

Srijana Dutta pursuing Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)

Understanding the mechanisms and factors responsible for establishment and maintenance of centromeric chromatin formed on unique DNA sequence in Candida albicans.

Priya Brahma pursuing Ph.D.

My research interest lies in understanding the role of histone H3 variant and its associated chromatin dynamics, resulting in altered gene expression patterns during different growth modes of the pathogenic fungi, C. albicans.

Rohit Goyal pursuing Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)

Interested in understanding the Malassezia species complex.
Malassezia sp. are basidiomycete fungi coinhabiting on the skin of a wide variety of animals (including humans).
Also interested in identifying the genetic players regulating the genome instability in Candida albicans.

Rashi Aggarwal pursuing Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)

Joshi Pooja Amrishkumar pursuing Ph.D.

Amrutha A S pursuing Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)

Interested in understanding the genetic basis of drug resistance in the emerging human fungal pathogen Candida tropicalis.


Harshit Arya pursuing Ph.D. (Biological Sciences)

Interested in understanding the role of histone H3 variant in the infectious nature of Cryptococcus neoformans at the level of gene expression and other morpho-physiological properties including capsule size, fungal burden and virulence in mice model.

Also interested in understanding the evolution of a novel regulator of genome stability in Candida albicans across closely related Candida species including functional complementation and localization of its homologs in Candida albicans.