Research Associates

Dr. Amir Mehtab

I am from a small town of Uttar Pradesh. I completed my PhD from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi under the guidance of Prof. Tokeer Ahmad. Currently I am working as a Post-doctoral Research Associate at JNCASR, under the supervision of Prof. Sebastian C. Peter. My research covers a broad range of topics including synthesis of nanomaterials, photoelectrocatalysis, CO2 reduction, and water splitting. During PhD I had been an exchange visiting fellow to Texas A&M University under MHRD SPARC scheme, where I gained valuable research experience. Earlier, I am honored to have received the CSIR JRF (AIR-79) and SRF awards. My academic journey has led to impactful contributions, with more than 15 publications in reputable journals. Outside of research I like to play cricket, badminton. Also, I love travel, specially the road trips on bike.

Dr. Bitan Ray

I have joined the group as PhD student back in July 2018. Currently I am continuing here as a Research Associate after the successful defense of Doctoral thesis in November2023. Majorly my work here in JNCASR is dedicated to the field of CO2 capture, and its utilization towards value-added products via thermochemical pathway. My research interest involves CO2 capture from both point source and direct air, and its subsequent conversion driven by heterogenous catalysis, and gas phase reaction in both flow reactor as well as batch reactor. I have completed my post-graduation from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad in2018 and graduation from Hooghly Mohsin College in2016. Favourite pastime includes music and literature. Love to explore new places and new cultures.

Dr. Siddhiben Kediya

I am from Gujarat. I did my Masters from Gujarat University and my Ph.D. from the Central University of Gujarat. My Ph.D. research topic was a computational approach to molecular anion sensors.  Currently, I am working as a Research Associate under Prof. Sebastian C. Peter at JNCASR.  I am performing theoretical studies on CO2 reduction reactions of heterogeneous catalysts.  Listening to music and watching drama -plays are my hobbies. 

Dr. Veenu Mishra

I am currently working as D. S. Kothari post-doctoral fellow at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) under the guidance of Prof. Sebastian C. Peter. My work at JNCASR is focused on development of molecular catalysts for CO2 fixation into value added products. I did B.Sc. from G. F College Shahjahanpur (UP) and M.Sc. from Lucknow University (UP). I did my Ph.D from IIT Indore, Discipline of Chemistry under the guidance of Prof. Shaikh M. Mobin. I have published 11 research articles in international peer-reviewed journals during my Ph.D journey. I was also awarded CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship during my Ph.D.