Rasayana Shasthrada Arivu

 Developed and produced by Education Technology Unit

  Ideas, Text & Narration: Indumati Rao

  Graphics, Collation & Presentation : Indumati Rao, Jatinder Kaur, Sanjay S.R. Rao

  Development: Jatinder Kaur


Rasayanashastrada Arivu is the Kannada version of `Understanding Chemistry' with the script in Kannada along with the voice over in Kannada.It has graphics/visuals, movie files of live experiments done to enhance understanding of the subject.

Rasayanashastrada Arivu can be used both as basic learning material and as a resource material by high school students and teachers.




The main objectives of bringing out the kannada version Rasanashastrada Arivu is to introduce chemistry in a stimulating and exciting manner, to arouse the curiosity of the user and to generate more than a passing interest in chemistry in students and teachers in kannada medium schools and to tap the talent in these schools. We believe that this interactive CD-Rom authored by Professor C.N.R. Rao, an internationally acclaimed scientist and educationist, will go a long way in providing quality software for
our kannada medium schools and further the cause of bridging the digital divide-a cherished goal of the Government of Karnataka.
Rasayanashastrada Mahatva (Importance of Chemistry). This introduces the scope and importance of chemistry in all spheres of our activities and the role of chemistry in the modern world.

"Moolavastugalu mattu Aavarta koshtaka" (elements and the Periodic Table)- This traces how the elements were discovered and how the idea of the atom emerged. It also examines how the need to arrange elements arose and the various attempts at arranging the elements. The arrangement of elements based on Mendeleyev’s Periodic Law, the Long form of the periodic table and the important features of the various forms of the Periodic table are discussed in detail. Interesting stories associated with the discovery of some elements are given in the “Hecchu tiliyiri” (Know more section).

“Rasayanika bandhagalu” explains the bonding between atoms to understand the nature of different substances. The ionic bond, covalent bond and the metallic bond are examined. The explanations are accompanied by simple animations and appropriate visuals.

“Anugala rachane mattu aakara” (Structure and shapes of molecules) – in this module the various aspects which relate structure and shapes are explored. The module has 7 topics. The importance of the hydrogen bond, role of the hydrogen bond in biological molecules (including enzymes) are explained with appropriate visuals and animations.
It has four modules. At the end of each module there is a Quiz section.