Science Outreach Program

sop1 The science popularisation program `Celebration of chemistry' was one of the first programs started by ETU.
This program aims to introduce chemistry to school students, teachers and all those interested in science in a simple and effective manner.
In the program Prof. C.N.R. Rao gives the theme lecture titled "Celebration of chemistry".

The lecture introduces chemistry in a simple way so as to arouse curiosity in young students and to provide an excellent opportunity for teachers on how to make chemistry teaching more exciting and stimulating in the classroom.

The lecture begins with an introduction to chemistry, its progress through the centuries to modern chemistry, synthesis,
molecules in biology to Nano Future. All these are interspersed with an introduction to some great chemists and their discoveries.

This lecture is followed by a multimedia presentation of excerpts from the CD-ROM `Understanding Chemistry' produced and developed by Education Technology Unit.
This provides a glimpse of the multimedia CD-ROM `Understanding chemistry' authored by Prof. C.N.R. Rao and developed nad produced by Education Technology Unit